Holiday Shipping Promotions: A Bain & Company Partnership

Sierra Sterler

Quad Analytix is proud to partner again with Bain & Company to provide insights for the Bain Retail Holiday Newsletter. Take a look at our most recent collaboration on the latest data-driven trends in retail here:

Cargo Ship

“To compete [with Amazon], retailers are being forced to invest. Internet Retailer suggests that 85% of retailers will offer free shipping this holiday season, and a review of free-shipping thresholds suggests that they have dropped over the last two years. Bain partnered with Quad Analytix to examine how free-shipping offers spike during the holidays. In 2014, the number of promotional emails related to free shipping increased by nearly 40% over the rest of the year as the holidays swung into full gear.”

Check out the full article, “‘Tis the season for free shipping.”

This data is just a small subset of the actionable insights we offer for retail marketers, merchandisers, investors, and manufacturers. Want to filter this data down to include only your direct competitors? Interested in more than just email promotions, like homepages and tweeted promos? Use Quad Preview to see three of our promotional insights in action, highlighting aggregated insights from last year’s holiday season. Contact us or schedule a demo to learn more about the depth and range of Quad’s application and data solutions. We look forward to working with you.

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Sierra Sterler