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Min-Jee Hwang

We are excited to announce that Quad Analytix has merged with Mobee, a leader in real-time in-store crowdsourced data and insights. The combined company will operate as Wiser moving forward. Retailers, brands, and restaurants will now have access to BOTH in-store (Mobee) and eCommerce (Quad Analytix) analytics services from a unified source. Under the new Wiser umbrella, customers will now have the ability to make decisions across the enterprise with a complete omnichannel view of operations, sales, marketing, and merchandising performance, all in near real-time.

As Wiser, we will continue to pursue our mission of arming brands and retailers with actionable data delivered at unparalleled speed, scale, and efficiency. We look forward to enhancing the impact of our solutions on our clients’ businesses and continuing to power better decisions across all channels.

Read the full letter from Andy Ballard, new Wiser CEO (formerly CEO, Quad Analytix) below.

We are excited to announce today that Quad Analytix and Mobee have merged and started a new chapter together as Wiser Solutions, Inc. You have come to know Quad Analytix as the leader in the actionable analytics space for online retailers. Coming together with Mobee, the leader in brick and mortar retail data collection, helps us further our goals of helping retailers across channels gain access to the data they need and enabling them to use it to make better decisions.  

Last year we acquired Wiser due to their expertise in the pricing intelligence and analytics space. Since then, we have seamlessly integrated their offerings with those of Quad Analytix. Today’s announcement advances our charge from last year to simplify the workflow of our combined clients and continue our mission to enhance our leading position on the forefront of the competitive intelligence market.  

Now that we have come together as a single company, we will collect and analyze online and offline data at a speed, scale, and rate of accuracy never seen before. Not only will we provide retailers with this crucial data, but, through the Wiser platform, we will bring it together with advanced workflow software. This will enable the brands and retailers we are proud to call our clients to take action and drive value.  

Our esteemed clients include Skullcandy, GoPro, TrackR, and more. We look forward to expanding our roster together with top brands, retailers, financial service companies, as well as consulting firms.  

The former Mobee team will operate out of Boston, and the world headquarters for Wiser Solutions will remain in San Mateo, Calif. Look out for more details shortly on how Wiser Solutions will deliver a global solution for retailers and beyond.  

To learn more about our merger, please refer to our official press release here.


 Andy Ballard

CEO, Wiser  

(Formerly CEO, Quad Analytix)

Min-Jee Hwang

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