[Infographic] How Quad Helps Brands Monitor Brand Health and Compliance

Angelica Valentine

Minimum advertised price (MAP) violations are on the rise and this has become a massive problem for brands. Currently, 15% of authorized sellers violate MAP and this jumps to 53% when it comes to unauthorized sellers. Our new infographic goes over how brands can become aware of MAP violations and put an end to them with automated compliance workflows. But brand health goes far beyond managing MAP violations.

After understanding discounting behavior, the next step is to do a deep dive into assortment. This provides brands with the insight needed to determine share of shelf at top resellers. To get an in depth understand of what brands can do to improve the relationship with their distributors and stay up to date on their brand health, check out our new infographic, How Brands Use Quad Analytix to Improve Brand Health and Compliance, below.

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