At Quad Analytix, we are committed to simplifying our customers’ jobs with better information. Whether you need to understand where you are in your market or make company changing decisions, we are passionate about translating the overwhelming mass of eCommerce data into action.

We provide powerful data visualizations and actionable insights for retailers, brands, and beyond, and pride ourselves on having the world’s largest database of historical email and web page snapshots.
In 2016, Quad acquired Wiser, a leading pricing intelligence and automation company, expanding our capabilities to include high-frequency data collection and pricing automation.

Not only do we have the advantage of having the technological expertise, but also the merchandising and marketing understanding to bring the most value to our customers. Quad drives data-driven decisions that power merchandising, pricing, branding, and promotional strategies for some of the world’s most innovative retailers and brands.

Whether you need a complex business intelligence challenge solved, or a dynamic pricing solution to boost profits for your online store, our talented crew believes in providing all this and more. From your personal Customer Success Manager to our dedicated developers behind the scenes, we are fully committed to driving value for your business. Just don’t expect any favors at the ping-pong table.

Meet the Team

Andy Ballard
Min-Jee Hwang